Do you deliver?
No, Rarely if delivery is close to manufacturing plant and this is an extra cost.

Does your Factory do Acceptance Testing?
Factory Acceptance Testing is part of the quoted price. The VT will not be released until it have been fully tested. A completed Test Certificate will be supplied to customer after delivery.

Do you do installations?
No, Rarely and only regionally and this is extra cost

Do you have a catalogue?
We do NOT have a catalogue as our VT’s are made to specification of the customer and what the customer needs.


Payment is 50% deposit and 50% Before Collection
Warranties of FIVE YEARS are on Manufactured Goods From Instruform but not on Consumables, Operator, Installation or a Transit Error as decided by Instruform.

Manufacturing Plant is in South Africa.


Instruform does not have International agents or distributors.
Voltage Transformers take six weeks from 50% deposit to completion.

Instruform is not liable from manufacturing delays from causes beyond our control.

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