Technical Specifications

Instruform has been serving the electrical industry for over 40 years.

We specialise in 24kV Generator Voltage Transformers that meet the most stringent specifications.

We also specialise in medium voltage horizontally withdrawable Voltage Transformers

We are proud of our proven track record and out technology innovations.

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Our products more than last the distance

We offer a full range of Voltage Transformers ranging from:

  1. 2.2kV (2,200V),
  2. 3.3kV(3,300V),
  3. 6.6kV (6,600v),
  4. 11kV(11000V),
  5. 13.2kV (13,200V),
  6. 22kV/sqrt(3) and
  7. 33kV/sqrt(3)

Single phase or 3-phase.
Classes 0.2 to 1,
protection classes (3P and 6P),
spring charging,
solenoid closing,

Voltage factors of 1.2/Continuous: 1.5/30s and 1.9/8 hours

Types for the above include:
stand alone fixed pattern,
core and windings for client specific arrangements. Horizontally withdrawable arrangements.

To expedite your enquiry email a picture of the Specification Label on an Instruform Voltage Transformer.

All quotes will include labour, materials and testing.

Quotes exclude deliver and installation or transit damage.

We have available Repair and replacement services